BOOGIE NIGHTS inspired Rollergirl T-Shirt

BOOGIE NIGHTS inspired Rollergirl T-Shirt


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Boogie Nights is arguably PT Anderson's finest moment - and for an auteur of his standing, that makes Boogie Nights one of the finest and most beautifully crafted films of the 90s. To turn porn into such Oscar worthy material is a work of (and I hesitate to use this overused word) genius. So many memorable scenes but the limo scene with Jack "sullying his art" to videotape as Anderson draws huge influence from Scorsese and Jody Foster in Taxi Driver to allow us to see Rollergirl as the person rather than porn star, just as we got to glimpse Amber Waves as a mother is one of the most poignant.

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BOOGIE NIGHTS inspired Rollergirl T-Shirt