David Bowie inspired The Konrads T-Shirt

David Bowie inspired The Konrads T-Shirt


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Wedding bands are by their very nature a bit shit (unless you are Bam Margera and so had Iggy Pop). They dress in shiny suits, play middle of the road nonsense and ruin everyone’s day by someone warbling “I Will Always Love You”. But while most people with ears regret their wedding band choice, if you were getting married in the early 60s in South London and booked The Konrads, it turned out to be an inspired move that would give you an anecdote far more impressive than he one about Uncle Roy fighting your dad and making a drunken pass at the bridemaid – that David Bowie sang at your wedding (he also did birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs – probably)

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David Bowie inspired The Konrads T-Shirt