ALMOST FAMOUS Cameron Crowe inspired JEFF BEBE BAND T-Shirt

ALMOST FAMOUS Cameron Crowe inspired JEFF BEBE BAND T-Shirt


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Like every music/movie geek that has read High Fidelity, I have played out a thousand different Top 5 lists and in the one marked Top 5 all time films Almost Famous is there. No question, no ties. It's there because it is near perfect in everything it sets out to do. But while everyone falls in love with Russell and Penny/Lady, I've always had a soft spot for anything Jason Lee does. Lee's turn as Jeff Bebe (named after Bebe Buell - ex lover of Steve Tyler and mother of Liv Tyler and along with Pamela Des Barres, one of the true inspirations for Penny Lane) is so perfect. Insecure, delusional, ambitious, paranoid and totally devoted to the spirit of rock n' roll. His references, his understanding of context and Lee's attention to detail hold Stillwater together whilst Russell trips out on acid and pinches lines from Robert Plant.

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