ALMOST FAMOUS Cameron Crowe inspired STILLWATER T-Shirt

ALMOST FAMOUS Cameron Crowe inspired STILLWATER T-Shirt


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As Jonathan Ross said in his review of Almost Famous when it first came out, "It makes you feel like you have been hugged for two hours". You care about every single character you meet and of course the soundtrack is great, but it's two greatest points are a) it's total and unconditional love of it's source material and b) Stillwater are a damn good band - not Led Zeppelin good, but Stillwater good... exactly as they were meant to be. Did you see HBO's Vinyl? Now that was a great idea, but it failed because it's fictional bands were neither good enough nor believable. But with Stillwater, Cameron Crowe got it absolutely perfect. Oh yeah, and interesting fact - you know the scene towards the end when Russell calls Penny and says he's surrounded by people but is in fact alone? Well I own the phone Billy Crudup uses.

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