BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN inspired ROSALITA (Come Out Tonight) T-Shirt

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN inspired ROSALITA (Come Out Tonight) T-Shirt


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Picking a favourite Bruce Springsteen song is a thankless task, but if we are going all High Fidelity “Top 5” about this, then Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) is right there. Has there ever been a more joyous celebration of the rock n roll dream? Bruce couldn’t have written this after Born To Run and certainly not after the agonies of releasing Darkness On The Edge Of Town, but on Greetings From Asbury Park, the innocence and the delight that comes over in the line “because the record company just gave me a big advance” should have been enough there and then to cement Springsteen’s place as the most honest singer we’ve ever had the honour to have in our lives. Listen to Rosalita now, and if it doesn’t make you prepared to donate a kidney in return for being 21 and flipping the bird to your girlfriend’s dad as you drive off into rock n’ roll superstardom, then you really have no soul.

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