DOORS inspired JIM MORRISON Lizard King T-Shirt

DOORS inspired JIM MORRISON Lizard King T-Shirt


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A list of people that can get away with wearing leather trousers that aren't racing motorbikes - 1) Jim Morrison. End of list. I do often wonder what different rock stars would be up to today if they were still alive. I can see Hendrix as doing a Later... With Jools Holland kinda show (only even better of course) for example, but I can't picture Jim Morrison. Maybe he would have gone full Syd Barrett? But I like to think he'd set up Lizard King Leather in Los Angeles and to every person that walked wanting to buy leather trousers he'd pass judgement on whether they would be allowed to buy them or not. The answer would always be "no" of course (so I'd open up next door and happily sell to anyone regardless of size, shape or coolness)

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