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Everyone loves a FREE T-shirt... 

We are having a MASSIVE clear out and we need to empty the shelves of all customer returns and overstocks. So we are giving them away FREE on a random basis when you buy 2 or more regular items. Yep, that's right, FREE. Just like the Lucky Dip, you select the size and genre of the freebie and we send you your free T-shirt.


      1. If you add a free T-shirt selection without at least 2 regular priced items then it will not be validated and you won't be sent your freebie.
      2. Your free T-shirt will be selected AT RANDOM from within your size/genre selection.
      3. You MUST enter the code "CLEAROUT18", without that code the free T-shirt will not be added to your order. The free T-shirt will NOT be sent out with any other codes. So if you have another voucher code that you want to use, then you won't get your freebie.
      4. Stocks are limited and we will run out. Totally first come, first served.
      5. For shipping purposes, your free T-shirt DOES counts as an item, so if only buy just 3 regular prices items then you will get free shipping.

The majority of the items going into this free T-shirt giveaway are customer returns - usually because they have ordered the wrong size or it was an unwanted gift. There are also T-shirts in there that we simply printed too many of or where we realised that we printed the wrong variation of a design prior to shipping it. 

What they are not are seconds or defective in any way, it also does NOT mean that they are unpopular designs - in fact, because of the reasons we have them available in this way means that they are more likely to be our most popular design, after all, it only stands to reason that the more of a design we sell, then more frequently it will have been ordered in the wrong size. If anything it shows what a flexible returns policy we have.


Our products are not authorised merchandise nor are they endorsed by the artists

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