Iggy Pop inspired - The Iguanas T-Shirt

Iggy Pop inspired - The Iguanas T-Shirt


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The high school band of James Osterberg Jnr was probably not that great. There are no recordings of any note and get this kids, there’s no YouTube footage – which to your average teenager that means they never existed. We’re not even sure exactly what they sounded like other than James’ next band played blues rock, so we can guess that’s what the Iguanas sounded like too. However, while the Iguanas never set the world alight and lasted less time than your first sexual experience, they did give the young James his new name. A name that is arguably the coolest name in rock n’ roll name history. Bye bye James Osterberg Jnr and welcome to the world IGGY POP. If that isn’t enough of a reason to celebrate the Iguanas with this T-shirt, then I don’t know what is.

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Iggy Pop inspired - The Iguanas T-Shirt