JAMES BOND Casino Royale inspired HOTEL SPLENDIDE T-Shirt

JAMES BOND Casino Royale inspired HOTEL SPLENDIDE T-Shirt


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As always, when a new Bond is announced, the world and his Persian cat has something to say on the matter. Too old, too young, not English enough, not suave enough, too short, too tall blah blah blah (let’s not get into the whole black or female thing here though) and Daniel Craig was no exception. Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells no doubt furiously wrote to the Express to say that “I for one, won’t be watching”. Well, who cares, because Casino Royale was the best Bond movie in decades. I’ll even entertain the idea that it is indeed the best. Gone was that dreadful hairdresser, gone was all the silliness that threatened to bury Bond forever in the wake of far more up to date action spy heroes. And in strutted a grit not seen since OHMSS. OK, so the follow up wasn’t too crash hot, but in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig saved Bond. Hooray.

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