JAMES BOND Moonraker inspired DRAX AIR FREIGHT T-Shirt

JAMES BOND Moonraker inspired DRAX AIR FREIGHT T-Shirt


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Moonraker will always hold a special place in my cultural life, as it was the first Bond movie that I saw at the cinema (seriously, my grandma took me aged 6. Yes, SIX to see a Rodger Moore shagging his way round outer space) in a continuous run that lasted until I gave up midway through those awful 90s ones with that hairdresser playing 007. And partly through nostalgia and partly because it’s funny, fast, properly silly and not exactly tricky to follow, it remains one of my favourites today. As villains go, Drax has got it all – richer than god, a proper Bond villans lair, a Nero jacket, an ego the size of a continent and a pomposity that means we all cheer as Bond offs him. It’s also got Jaws in it and that’s always going to be cool

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