MOTLEY CRUE inspired XMASS T-Shirt

MOTLEY CRUE inspired XMASS T-Shirt


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According to Nikki Sixx, before he, Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee settled on Motley Crue as the name under which they would plot world domination they had given serious consideration to the name Christmas - stylised as Xmass/X Mass. Yeah, you and I know that that is stupid bloody name for a band, but hey we're not Nikki Sixx (despite what pictures of me circa 1989 suggest). Nikki Sixx's reasoning was that he wanted a name that was "already successful". Clearly "Easter" was already taken by a little known folk duo from Ohio. I suppose if they had been Scottish they could have gone for "Burns Night". Anyway, thankfully sense prevailed for the first and only time in the band's history and Motley Crue went on to make the soundtrack to mine and many other teenage lives.

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MOTLEY CRUE inspired XMASS T-Shirt