Motorhead inspired Bastard T-Shirt

Motorhead inspired Bastard T-Shirt


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Fired from Hawkwind for taking the "wrong sort of drugs"€ (the mind boggles)  the speed freak formerly known as Ian Kilmister set out on his own to form a band that would ultimately take it'€s name from a song he wrote during his final days with Hawkwind. But before Lemmy settled on Motorhead he toyed with some other monikers, most notably the nice n'€ subtle "€Bastard"€.  Apparently, he only changed such a lovely because it might preclude them getting a slot on Top of the Pops...€“ ya don't say? Anyway, given that Motorhead has sold more T-shirts than albums, it was probably a good move. But for those that think Lemmy made a wrong call and should have stuck with plan A, here's a Bastard T-shirt to make you stand out from the gazillion Motorhead T-shirts out there.

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Motorhead inspired Bastard T-Shirt