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Fired from Hawkwind for taking the “wrong sort of drugs” (the mind boggles) the speed freak formerly known as Ian Kilmister set out on his own to form a band that would ultimately take it’s name from a song he wrote during his final days with Hawkwind. But before Lemmy settled on Motorhead he toyed with some other monikers, most notably the nice n’ subtle “Bastard”. Apparently he only changed such a lovely because it might preclude them getting a slot on Top of the Pops – ya don’t say? Anyway, given that Motorhead have sold more T-shirts than albums, it was probably a good move. But for those that think Lemmy made a wrong call and should have stuck with plan A, here’s a Bastard T-shirt to make you stand out from the gazillion Motorhead T-shirts out there.

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