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The lucky dips are back. As always, you select the genre and size and we send you 4 T-shirts (or sometimes hoodies, longsleeves, vest tops etc depending what we have) . All lucky dip bags have been made up and sealed already so we don't know what specific designs or colours are in them, so, unfortunately, we can't take requests.

We've grouped all Lucky Dips by our most popular genres and so if you need an idea what is in them then just take a look in that genre on the site 

The majority of the things going into the lucky dip packages are customer returns - usually because they have ordered the wrong size or it was an unwanted gift. There are also T-shirts in there that we simply printed too many of or where we realised that we printed the wrong variation of a design prior to shipping it. 

What they are not are seconds or defective in any way, it also does NOT mean that they are unpopular designs - in fact, because of the reasons we have them available in this way means that they are more likely to be our most popular design, after all, it only stands to reason that the more of a design we sell, then more frequently it will have been ordered in the wrong size. If anything it shows what a flexible returns policy we have


Lucky Dips are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. But at £6.25 per T-shirt, why would you anyway?

For shipping purposes, each Lucky Dip package counts as ONE ITEM (not four), so it only becomes free shipping if you buy 3 more items.

Our products are not authorised merchandise nor are they endorsed by the artists

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