SHAUN OF THE DEAD movie inspired ZOMBAID T-Shirt

SHAUN OF THE DEAD movie inspired ZOMBAID T-Shirt


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It's not often that a movie, let alone a low budget British indie movie, manages to redefine two genres at the same time. But that is precisely what Shaun of the Dead managed. Its postmodern take on zombies added a very British wit to George A Romero's use of the undead as a social commentary, while as a comedy it took the new wave of British millennium comics off the small screen and, unlike so many other TV to Film attempts, to flourish. It is also a milestone for me personally, as this is the only appearance and sound of Chris Martin that doesn't make me want to fill my ears with concrete. So good work Chris and to prove there are no hard feelings, here is a tribute to your Zombaid T-shirt.

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