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Like their contemporaries, Slade, The Sweet are all too often dismissed on the basis of fashion and that never makes sense. Bowie and Bolan didn't look much different, and at the time, the sound was in the same sonic ballpark, yet they cop nowhere near the same sort of stick. But close your eyes and just listen and the reality becomes much clearer. THEY ROCKED. Hell, Brian Connolly's voice was a near perfect mix of rock and pop. Their debut predated Kiss's by three years which makes you wonder how different their careers would have been if they had been American rather than British. Ballroom Blitz is a perfect example. On the surface it might appear a fun-filled party song, but its background is actually that of a dustup in spit n' sawdust venue in Kilmarnock, Scotland where the band gutsed out a gig as bottles rained down on them from the audience - now imagine Gene $immon$ putting up with that and not stomping off in a huff?

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