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IT'S BACK! The bi-annual BathroomWall T-shirts 4 for £25 lucky dip promotion. As before, you select the size and genre (in this case, you are selecting TV and Film) and we send you 4 T-shirts in that size and from that genre. Sounds simple enough, but every year someone always misunderstands and thinks they are selecting their choice of designs and gets all Facebooky about it).

As always, these are NOT seconds or unpopular designs or anything else negative. These are predominantly overstocks (ie, we printed too many), customer returns due to ordering the wrong size or ones we printed in error (ie we meant to print AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie and printed High Voltage instead), so this tends to make them the most popular designs.

As longtime customers will know, earlier this year we went full colour. This meant that we no longer had a platform to sell the single colour designs anymore and have not had as long to build up back stocks of the new designs, This means that for this Lucky Dip ONLY, the much loved and asked after single colour designs will make up the majority of the lucky dips. 

IF IN ANY DOUBT about any of this please let us know before ordering as lucky dips are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.


Our products are not authorised merchandise nor are they endorsed by the artists

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