WHITE STRIPES inspired Seven Nation Army T-Shirt

WHITE STRIPES inspired Seven Nation Army T-Shirt


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When people slate The White Stripes it is usually for the same reasons. They don't rate Meg White as a drummer, they query why they don't have a bass or they decry the over simplicity of their output. But all of those criticisms are are in fact all part of what make them great. Meg may not be flash, but it is her simplicity that is key to their success. No bass? Well Seven Nation Army proves that Jack White is brilliant enough to work around that and get all the bass he needs out of his guitar - besides, no bass player didn't harm The Doors. As for the over simplicity, I just point out that as with Meg White's drumming, it is that simplicity that gives them the pure blues lineage making them far closer to the Delta Blue pioneers than any number of faux-angst modern bluesmen.

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