At BathroomWall we have a pretty good life. We get to hang out with our buddies all day listening to music and designing and printing cool T-shirts. It sure beats a proper job. But not everyone is so lucky. In fact, there are plenty of folk that really need all the help they can get, which is why we try to do our bit.

This started just before Christmas 2017 when Alex was chatting to Ginger Wildheart about Christmas cards. We came up with the idea of Ginger designing a card and us selling it through the website with the proceeds going to The Samaritans. So far, so good, Then Ginger said "why not get others involved?" So a few tweets and emails later and we got Ray Zell (creator of Kerrang! magazine's iconic Pandora Peroxide), Frank Turner, Tony Wright (Terrorvision), Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines, Sisters of Mercy, Ugly Kid Joe) and Ryan Hamilton involved too. Each designed a card, we paid for them to be printed and sold them through the website with 100% of the sale price going to The Samaritans. When we started we thought £1,000 would be great and £2,000 would be doable maybe only if everything went as well as possible. 

That just through cards though, that was also through our PAYITFORWARD promo code. You see, like a lot of websites we often use discount codes. But this time we gave customers a choice - either use a code that gives them 15% off or one that gives that 15% to The Samaritans. Sure, a few people took the discount for themselves, but I am delighted to report that the majority did the right thing.  In the end, we raised over £3,300! 

So what does the future hold for our Charitable fundraising? Well, the code PAYITFORWARD is now a permanent thing. We will be changing the cause every so often as the need arises. The Christmas Card fundraiser will be back in November, but in the meantime, our current cause is the medical bills of former Wildhearts, Sorry and the Sinatras, Amen and Brides of Destruction bassist, Scott Sorry.

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