Our affiliate programme is run through PaidOnResults, and you can go straight to to sign up. Nice n easy. 

Naturally, like other programmes, you get generous commissions paid automatically, access to banner ads and creative materials, voucher codes and blah blah blah. Basically, a load of old puff that merchants bang on about to get you to sign up. Hey, we are no different. We want you to sign up and sell our T-shirts so that we can continue to sell T-shirts for a living rather than getting a proper job.

But, there are a few differences with the BathroomWall T-shirts affiliate programme, so if you indulge me a little longer, I'll try to make it worthwhile.



We sell T-shirts to music, movie, TV and book fans. Some of the most easily identifiable and targetable groups online.   

How do we know this? Because we are one of them and our customers know it. We are music geeks. We are film nerds. We obsess about the minor plot points of great TV shows, and yes, we judge people by what books they have read. 

Our customers; your audience are not idiots. They know the difference between people that love the same things they do and the fakers throwing things on T-shirts with no love for the source material. They see the tiny extra details that we add to our shirts and the hidden easter egg bonuses and they get the references. And that is what makes us different and that's why we have been around since 2005. 



Just as we want to stand out from our competitors, we know that you do too. So why do so many programmes still treat all affiliates the same when we are all trying so hard to be different?  This is why we promise to recognise you as an individual and work with you according to your specific needs.
So whether you are a podcaster, blogger, Youtuber, social media influencer, fan site, on-line music teacher, instrument demonstrator, unpackager, a band, music venue, specialist T-shirt affiliate, re-targeter, voucher site, cash back club or any other potential affiliate that feels they could promote BathroomWall T-shirts then lets talk.



Let's talk about the extras that will work best for you. But here are a few examples of affiliate partnerships that we have set up:

Music History Blog: We provided banner adverts and links to products to tie-in with the posts as well as landing pages specific to the post and the subjects contained

Australian based AC/DC Tribute band: The band approached us wanting to wear our shirts and once they had signed up as affiliates we gave them a discount on the shirts they wanted and once they reached an agreed sales threshold we now regularly send them new shirts for free.

Iconic UK Music Venue: The venue was looking for suitably rock n' roll T-shirts for the bar staff. We supplied the staff with BathroomWall T-shirts at cost price and added "STAFF" on the back for free along with "ask me about my T-shirt". The also bar kept a stock of our flyers with a unique discount.

Online Music Teacher: "And today we will be learning Aerosmith's 'Lick and A Promise' which also inspired my T-shirt from Use the code xxxx"

So let us work together to make the most of what we have to offer and of course, what you do best.



Images of the T-shirts are designs are of course available, but so too are all the character drawings that have become our trademark over the years. They are key to our branding and will play a big part in helping you help us to stand out.



Co-branded landing pages have been proven to increase, trust, loyalty, and conversions. And when we increase those things, we inevitably increase sales. Don't just take our word for it though. Affiliate Window reported a 3 to 4 fold increase in conversions from co-branded landing pages. Rakuten showed a 66% increase in conversions and a 132% rise in the acquisitions of new customers.

Work with us, and TOGETHER we can curate a page that is specific to your audience. You know your audience better than anyone. You know what music they like, what films they watch and we can tailor the content accordingly. We can even change it as often as you need to so it stays relevant - such as reflecting your latest content or just shifting based on analytics.



A dedicated, co-branded landing page also gives you an additional revenue opportunity. The chance to sell your brand on T-shirts and hoodies. "Yeah, but we can already do that through Zazzle." Sure, but when your audience goes to your current 3rd party store, they can only buy your stuff, and that's where your income ends, but with your own BathroomWall T-shirts page, you get to sell them your brand and ours too. 

Wanna see it in action? Then look at our partnership with the world's longest running rock music podcast, the Rock & Roll Geek Show. We offer a number of different Rock & Roll Geek branded designs alongside a carefully curated collection of our designs that reflect the listening tastes of the show's listeners. The result is that over three-quarters of visitors to the podcast's page on our site buy more than one T-shirt, and the show goes from selling the one T-shirt that they would have sold through a Zazzle or Cafe Press page to not only selling more T-shirts on their first visit but on all subsequent visits thanks to our lifetime cookies.




The internet is awash with faked reviews and Photoshopped images of celebrities supposedly endorsing products. But not at BathroomWall. We have dozens of available images of very real, bona fide rock stars wearing our gear. None of them paid (as if we could afford to sponsor Slash or Bruce Springsteen) they all just wear them because they love them.



We are here to listen and to work with you. If you make money, then we make money. When we started back in 2005 there were only a handful of companies doing anything  





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