MC5 inspired Sister Anne T-Shirt

MC5 inspired Sister Anne T-Shirt


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Three albums and then done. Bang. Help invent and inspire a whole musical movement. Then implode. MC5 could well have gone the way of their Detroit contemporaries like Alice Cooper and The Stooges and grew and adapted as they carved their influence in 50 foot high letters.  The band could have forged solo careers of great note like a Lou Reed or Iggy or Alice. But no. Like their politics, they were the perfect embodiment of their moment in time.  Has there ever been a more potent rallying cry than Rob Tyner screaming "Kick Out The Jams motherf*cker"? The MC5's third and final album, High Time, screamed into life with one of my top 5 favourite tracks ever recorded, Sister Anne. And it's Sister Anne that brings us to this T-shirt design. Just imagine how cool a Detroit record store run by Fred Sonic Smith, Wayne Kramer, Rob Tyner, Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson would have been in the late 60s/early 70s? Imagine the jam sessions they'd have. Imagine the carnage. Imagine the people you'd meet and the bands you'd form. Sister Anne Records would be the greatest place on earth. Little know fact, both Kick Out The Jams and Sister Anne we very nearly what we called BathroomWall (but both domain names had already gone)

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MC5 inspired Sister Anne T-Shirt