STAR WARS inspired LANDO GAS Bespin T-Shirt

STAR WARS inspired LANDO GAS Bespin T-Shirt


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After we’d all charged out of the cinema back in ’77 zapping our sibblings and demanding all those awesome toys, we were all in no doubt who the coolest character was. Clearly it was Han. Then a couple of years later we clamoured excitedly into our seats ready for Empire not expecting that to change. But hang on a minute… who is this dude? He looked like Prince complete with purple cape well before any of us had heard of the little Purple chap. He had a cool moustache that wouldn’t be matched until Magnum PI showed up 6 months later and he even made our boy Han feel insecure. Sure, he betrayed Han, but what choice did he have? And besides, he stuck his neck out to try to put things right, right? That surely counts for something.

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STAR WARS inspired LANDO GAS Bespin T-Shirt