Bruce Springsteen inspired - The River T-Shirt

Bruce Springsteen inspired - The River T-Shirt


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We all have things in our record collections that we could live without or that we would deny owning if we thought it would lead to ridicule, but for me at least, Bruce Springsteen would be the last artist that would ever fall into that category. I don't care is other people don't like him - they are simply wrong. I don't care if people mock him as no more than bombastic blue-collar rock - they are again, wrong. I don't care because I love Bruce Springsteen as much as it is possible to love someone you have never met. Bruce, if you are reading and ever need a kidney, give me a shout, I have a spare. As for other fans, the best I can offer is this rather cool River era Bruce Springsteen T-shirt

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Bruce Springsteen inspired - The River T-Shirt