Where does Slash get his T-shirts? Slash T-shirts T-shirts worn by Slash

The internet is full of mock-up, fake images of celebrities wearing T-shirts. Not here though. Slash isn't paid to wear any of these, he just does. It started when his solo band drummer bought him a Rosie's place T-shirt and just went from there. We never know when or where he'll wear one, we just get sent the images by fans, customers and regular Slash watchers. We cant even be sure of which other ones he has that we just haven't seen him in, but here are the ones that we have. 

We have included the Tidus Sloan one as although we don't have a photo of him in it, we know for fact he does have it (the guy that runs his UK fan club personally handed it to him) and we are certain he also has a One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest design as some close to him tipped us off, but no hard evidence as of yet. We will add more as we find them.

Now added Freaks, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pinball Wizard, Dr Rock and our logo T-shirts as I handed them over myself. Pictures to follow...

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