AIRHEADS movie inspired LONE RANGERS T-Shirt

AIRHEADS movie inspired LONE RANGERS T-Shirt


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A super simple premise too: Rock band, The Lone Rangers, hold a radio station hostage to get their demo played (Sounds reasonable to me). Add a pre-maximum irritant version of Adam Sandler; Brendan Fraser back in that fleeting period when he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and a post-Reservoir Dogs Steve Buscemi and it should have been box office gold. But no. It sank. Like so many hard rock-themed films before and since it bombed. Does that mean it sucked? Hell no! It was great fun and of course, the soundtrack was a cracker. I suspect it was timing that killed Airheads to the wider world as their brand of good time rock had already been replaced by grunge and the world had moved on. But hey, since when to rock fans give a damn about such things? We loved it.

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AIRHEADS movie inspired LONE RANGERS T-Shirt