BATMAN Zodiac Crimes inspired THE TWINS T-Shirt

BATMAN Zodiac Crimes inspired THE TWINS T-Shirt


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Doesn't everyone have soft spot for the 60s Batman TV series? Certainly when Adam West passed away the unanimous praise suggested that is the case. But what was it that we all loved so much? To me, it is it's near perfect zeitgeist. From the coming together of traditional American values with the groovy modern teenager. It's utterly perfect colour palette. It's innocence. Its high camp. But for me, it is all summed up in the episode Zodiac Crimes with the sight of straighty-one-eighty Robin dancing and having to reminded that this wasn't the appropriate time to get his groove on. And what was Robin listening to that he couldn't hold back from busting a few moves to? Why it was surf rock garage band, The Twins. Search "Robin dancing Batman" on Youtube

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