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While not JCVD's first cinematic outing, it was the one that made him a global superstar. In fact, you could have just stopped here and just kept re-releasing Bloodsport over and over again with a different cover and title and no one would have been any the wiser as every great Van Damme staple was in here. Training montage - check. Being near death/defeat and fighting back against the odds - check. An old Asian dude reluctant to be his trainer as he is suspicious of the Westerner's motives/ability - check. Authority figures that just don't understand - check. A gloating bad guy that gets his comeuppance - check. Some vague reference to it being a true story - check. Rousing AOR theme song - check. And of course, as it is our inspiration here a mythical tournament that no Westerner has ever witness let alone been a part of. In fact, the only thing missing was JCVD busting out his dance moves (we'd have to wait until Kickboxer for that joy)

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