BOB SEGER / THIN LIZZY inspired ROSALIE records T-Shirt

BOB SEGER / THIN LIZZY inspired ROSALIE records T-Shirt


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We normally only credit the tracks that inspire our designs to the original artist - especially when that artist has the legendary stature of Bob Seger, but we felt this one was a bit different. For Seger, Rosalie was one of the deep album cuts that made him such a fan favourite, but it wasn't an single and never even showed on his Best Of albums. However in the hands of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy it was not only got a released as a single from the Fighting album, but was famously showcased on the epic Live And Dangerous. So with due respect to Bob, we'll tag it as both. A very close look at the T-shirt when you get it will reveal a couple of Easter Eggs that acknowledge not only Bob Seger and Thin Lizzy, but also the song's original inspiration, Rosalie Trombley.

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