OASIS inspired SUPERSONIC Manchester Space Agency T-Shirt

OASIS inspired SUPERSONIC Manchester Space Agency T-Shirt


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I was working in a record shop in 1994. Although we like to reminisce that music was great then, the charts were actually full of utter rubbish. Wet Wet Wet had been number one for a zillion years, forgettable Europop was everywhere, formerly great bands were punting out garbage, and Kurt Cobain had just died. But there was a developing scene of young British indie acts filling The Stone Roses shaped void. Pulp, Blur, Suede and Radiohead were already in place, but for all their quality, they were all sharp, erudite musicians with clever lyrics and a bit too much education. We needed something blunt to balance them and in that blazing hot summer along came a band that did precisely that. Many judge Oasis poorly based on Liam being a bit of dick, but when we first put on Supersonic that Monday morning... BANG. Whatever cam after is irrelevant, as right there and then they were music, and it was magic.

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