Pogues Fairytale Of New York lyrics inspired T-Shirt

Pogues Fairytale Of New York lyrics inspired T-Shirt


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"You Scumbag, You Maggott, You Cheap Lousy Faggott"

Come on you know the words... and never has such a snarling insult ever given everyone concerned such a warm cosy glow as this stinging barb delivered by the late Kirsy McCall. Forget the seasonality, as just like It's A Wonderful Life, Fairytale of New York is brilliant all year round. Pissed up student may well only start singing it after the lights have been switched on on Oxford Street and Cheese Footballs have gone on sale, but don't let that stop you. My brother also have a great story about meeting Shane MacGowan at a Tom Waits gig in Dublin, where the subject of Fairytale's seasonality was discussed. It was August and Shane thought it was bollocks too. So get this Pogues lyric T-shirts before it starts to snow.

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