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And in a single recording session The Velvet Underground invented noise rock.... How could we not celebrate the earth shattering of Sister Ray? Liberated of the influence of Andy Warhol and the softening female vocals of Nico, on White Light/White Heat the band became arguably the most import band in the world without anyone realising it. It's not like anyone actually bought the album at the time but they helped release an experimentation, a freedom of expression on the music world. Pre-dating The Stooges debut, this is ground zero for punk.  On Sister Ray they crafted what is still one of the most debauched things ever committed to vinyl - a tale of transvestite smack dealer, a police raid, murder and drag queen hookers blowing sailors, all wrapped up in over 17 minutes (often over half an hour live) of feedback, distortion and levels of depravity that make Motley Crue sound like The Wiggles. And boy is it utterly fantastic

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