DAVID BOWIE inspired BERLIN TRILOGY Sound & Vision T-Shirt

DAVID BOWIE inspired BERLIN TRILOGY Sound & Vision T-Shirt


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After the passing on the unique talent that was David Bowie and is his legacy, it was tough to know where to start with designing more T-shirts inspired by his work. Every print-on-demand- run T-shirt company seemed to be diving into Bowie T-shirts to capitalise on the grief. They no more knew a David Bowie song from a Davy Crockett song, so we held back a little and delved into his time in Berlin, where along with Tony Visconti and help from his great friend Iggy Pop, he made three albums in Low, Heroes and Lodger, that in anyone else's discography would career defining, but on David Bowie's CV, they were simply more amazing albums to stand alongside so many others. We hope you like our imagining of the West Berlin Trilogy Sound & Vision Recording Studios

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