FIRST BLOOD inspired RAMBO movie T-Shirt

FIRST BLOOD inspired RAMBO movie T-Shirt


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Don't immediately recognise the reference of this design from Sylvester Stallone's First Blood? It's a big scene but the logo is a blink, and you'll miss it... The Outpost is the gun store John Rambo destroys by setting off the massive pile of ammo as a diversion. As for the film itself, while Rambo: First Blood Part II may have been the bigger and more iconic film - an action movie built for the MTV kids of Reagan's America - in First Blood, Stallone still had the desire to act. He still yearned for the plaudits he so rightly received for Rocky, and although he didn't get them from all quarters at the time, critics and fans alike look back on First Blood as a classic of its genre. The after effects of Vietnam and a time capsule of how America used to look upon its former servicemen - as criminals and low-life rather than the adoration and gratitude of today.

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FIRST BLOOD inspired RAMBO movie T-Shirt